Sunday, 13 January 2013

Blend 285 (Thai Whisky)

On holiday in Thailand I purchased a bottle of Blend 285 in Patong Beach, Phuket. My girlfriend was unwell that evening, so in addition to getting her supplies I could not resist the chance to pick up a bottle of Thai whisky. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, I wrote Thai whisky. Such a product needs a little closer inspection.

There are many things for which the Thai are famous, but whisky is not one of those things. This will be an interesting experience. As the name suggests “Blend 285” is a blended whisky produced by the Red Bull Distillery (1988) Co Ltd. Emblazoned on the label is nice gold writing with a black backdrop which includes many casks sitting side by side, and confirmation that this whisky is indeed Thai in name with reference to Samutsakorn, Thailand. How does this whisky smell and taste? 

This whisky is drinkable, but it seems lifeless and boring. A sudden string of alcohol burns with sparks of harsh graininess, though some shimmers of sweetness shine.

A full review is coming, though naturally I am procrastinating with this one... which shows that I do not like this whisky.

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