Friday, 22 February 2013

English Whisky Co, Chapter 6, Unpeated

Distinctive style, young

The English Whisky Co is, you guessed it, an English whisky company! It produces quite young whiskies and releases them in “chapters”. I had the opportunity to blind taste chapter 6 (unpeated) and, frankly, I was not impressed. It tasted like a grain or wheat vodka on the palate, and pierced my nose with alcohol – do yourself a favour and (in my opinion) give Grey Goose Vodka a try! I am not impressed with this whisky, it lacks complexity and does not have an enjoyable finish. I gave it an extra star because it has a pretty interesting nose! 


This whisky is a very light straw color almost like a diluted white wine.


The nose is very sharp with bursts of acidity, and a musty smell wafts in the air similar to apple cider vinegar. Dried apple develops on the nose, with a sweetness intertwined with the dryness of chardonnay and the acidity of apple cider vinegar. Notes of apple pieces are also noticeable; green apple like a granny smith apple.


On the palate this whisky has a strong delivery with an explosion akin to a wheat vodka with some apple. This is a very young whisky. It is quite alcoholic, with some bitter punch and harsh on the palate. It is harsh and grainy on the palate, leaving what I would describe as an unsavoury taste.


The finish lasts for a while, but it leaves a bitter, almost medicinal, flavour on the tongue that I do not particularly enjoy.

With water

The alcohol is still noticeable, still conjuring memories of a wheat vodka I chugged down on a tasting at duty free (Grey Goose, for example!). 

To appreciate this whisky, be sure to try it alongside some other white spirits like vodka. It has a lovely nose but I think it collapses in a nervous heap on the taste and finish.

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