Friday 26 July 2013

Glenfiddich Distillery Edition 51%

Spirit Name:
Glenfiddich Distillery Edition

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Speyside, Scotland 
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In my opinion, this whisky is the chameleon of the Glenfiddich family. New character unravels with each nosing and tasting, as the whisky beams with a piercing energy that releases soft crackles of barley within an elegant yet powerful show of spicy oak and the snap of alcohol that moderates the creamy fruit cake layered with jam, dark chocolate and fruit liqueur. It finishes with the bite of a cherry liqueur chocolate that sparkles within the dry fog of oak lingering on the palate.

Tasting notes:
Glenfiddich is most probably the most famous whisky distillery in the world, followed closely by The Macallan, The Glenlivet and Ardbeg among others. The Glenfiddich Distillery Edition is something special, because it offers Glenfiddich magic at an amplified volume of 51% ABV. Being non chill-filtered, this giant of the whisky world appears to be taking note of what the world wants. It therefore gives the world an iron fist in a velvet glove!

Nose: The nose on this whisky is vibrant, energetic and strong. It is best describe as a chameleon, capable of changing its identity with each nosing. The words that I would use to describe this whisky are: soft distillate, creamy, fruit cake, dense tropical fruit, papaya seeds, banana inspired dessert. 

The whisky releases the best bits of new make spirit, which is a lovely thing. The distillate and scent of barley is soft and almost milky. This milkiness adds to the general creaminess of the whisky, as though there is a thin cream layered over a raisin and dried paw paw rich fruit cake with vanilla bean and some milk chocolate. The fruit cake is rich and sweet, with a variety of dried berry and sweet raspberry and cream confectionery. There is also tropical fruit on the nose, dense and rich like guava and peppery papaya. The pepper is intense, but it is not as sharp as cracked pepper but rather it resembles the burst of papaya seeds. Speaking of tropical fruit, there is also a banana theme that flashes by at the most unexpected of moments but it is not fresh banana but very much a banana inspired dessert. Let me explain. 

This is one of the few whiskies in which I get a flash of character that disappears just as quickly as it came, like the sudden beam of light from a  lighthouse that disappears in a blink of an eye. Each flash expresses a slightly different character, not just the same bright glow. For example, resting on the whisky’s crisp foundation was cereal which developed into a sweet banana split and then the sweetness receded as banana bread took its place. The smell of cooked banana is there, accompanied by the creaminess. 

Taste: Soft, sharp, crisp, dry and strong! On the palate, this whisky gently caresses the the tongue with luscious creaminess and sweet chocolate liqueurs which burst with preserved fruit sweetness and the richness of fruit cake. Suddenly, as though from nowhere, there is a sharp burst of spicy oak, with bitter dark chocolate and varied shades of dry oak that deliver calming notes of vanilla. The sweet orchard and preserved fruit is moderated by the sharp and crisp snap of alcohol that is accompanied by the nuances of chocolate and spicy oak; a spicy oak that leaves the palate dry and salivating for more. It goes without saying that this whisky is strong, and it strikes the palate like an angry snake. Needless to say, on a further tasting, the 
chameleon has yet again changed its colours, flashing with beautiful notes of chocolate coated hazelnuts. 

Finish: The whisky explodes into a cloud of smoke that lingers on the tongue, with some dried fruit dusted with cocoa and the bite of a cherry liqueur chocolate within the dry fog of oak.  

This is a Glenfiddich that cuts no corners. It is aged for at least 15 years. It is bottled at 51% ABV. It is non chill-filtered. It appears to be at, or near, natural colour. Finally, the talent and resources at Glenfiddich are showcased in this whisky in all their glory. That, in my view, is something quite spectacular. 
Be warned, other Glenfiddich whisky might not taste the same ever again! 
$109.99 (Aus), ₤43.25 (UK), $59.99 (US)

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