Sunday, 20 January 2013

Serving the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

You can serve the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve four ways:
  1. Neat; 
  2. With a splash of water (just a little); 
  3. With one ice cube; 
  4. From the freezer, after it falls well below freezing temperature. 
Adding water brings out the flavours and, in lowing the alcohol content of the whisky, allows the taster to fully appreciate the complexity of the whisky and the diversity of flavours that it offers.  Because ice melts, it has the same result (though, be sure not to put too much ice, just one cube is enough).

An interesting way of serving this whisky was raised in a tasting session video of Johnnie Walker Australia, which suggests placing the whisky into the freezer. I placed a shot glass of this whisky in the freezer with another filled with water, and waited until the shot glass with water froze solid. The whisky will not freeze due to its alcohol content.

After chilling my glass in the fridge, I was ready to try this sub-zero dram! The whisky pours out of the shot glass like maple syrup, with a lovely thickened texture. Its bitterness is more pronounced this way, and its sweetness held back a little. I think the cold temperature of the whisky deadens the taste buds a little. I do not like this whisky from the freezer.

Make sure you just put a shot glass of this whisky in the freezer if you want to try this. DO NOT put the whole bottle in the freezer.

I much prefer this whisky neat or with a splash of water. 

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