Thursday, 16 May 2013

Three Capes Whisky - William McHenry & Sons

 Tasmania, Australia
Best served:
 Dry wood and spice, sour fruit, menthol/eucalyptus 
In a nutshell:
This whisky is light and fresh with a character that quietly whispers with bitter fruit and sour lolly/candy as complex spice (nutmeg) and wood SLAP the palate and just as things risk getting boring the glow on menthol/eucalyptus shines 
Complex character progressively amplified on the palate  
Light start, needs lots of unpacking and attention  

William McHenry & Sons distillery is located in the southern parts of Tasmania, and while it is called a "distillery" its Three Capes signature brand is comprised of whisky from the Tasmania Distillery that has been aged in American Oak bourbon barrels for at least 10 years. The whisky is then cut down to 43.5% alcohol volume and bottled as "Three Capes Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky".

The whisky in this review is bottle 250 taken from barrel 5.

Three Capes Whisky - Tasting Notes

This whisky is seriously good. It is a sensationally smooth whisky that is dangerously "more-ish" and yet deceptively quiet, because it bursts with dry spicy character in the middle to the end as the unexpected shine of menthol/eucalyptus radiates on the finish.


Creamy, light and elegant the aroma of sour berries wafts up with wet bark and wood sap as sweet honey mingles with the solid buzz of spice, nutmeg and anise seed in particular. The sweetness is complex, with green under ripe strawberries and layered over some light cream and sour lollies.


Light jabs of bitter berries morph into green grape as a tart sourness is washed away by dry wood and yellow plum sprinkled with nutmeg and raisins. The bitter-dry character is almost like a thick cloud that has the shine of sweet bourbon flickering in the darkness.


The finish is long and lingering, as the very Australian taste of menthol and eucalyptus glows on the tip of the tongue within that bitter-dry cloud of wood, bark and green grape.

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